Welcome to Dragon Realm!

Dragon Realm is a modded Minecraft community founded by Dragon back in March 2017.
We focus on providing an excellent experience and active player support to users both new to modded Minecraft
and to those who just want to show off their skills and knowledge!

If you would like to learn more about the servers we host, click on the servers information button.
This list is updated monthly after our Patrons decide what mod packs they would like to see added!

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We have a diverse staff team from around the world, dedicated to bringing you the best modded Minecraft experience possible!
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The FAQ tab is all the answers you have ever been searching for!
We have taken the most commonly asked questions across all the servers and put the answers in one convenient place.

Rules are awful, but they help define the line between chaos and order.
The server and discord rules are posted under the rules section, as well as the actions we, the staff, may take.

Our History

Dragon Realm was started by Dragon on 12/3/17 to play modded packs with friends.
Those first couple of months were focused on enjoying all that modded Minecraft had to offer with a close knit group of friends.

When FoolCraft 3 was first launched in April of 2018,
the small community decided it would be nice to play with new people,
and first introduced our server to the public via a Reddit post

What ensued was completely unexpected, we went from a small community of 10 players to a community of over 100 within 2 weeks.
At that point, we restructured our discord and the server and changed how we operate.
We also decided to upgrade the server to allow more players to play at once with decent TPS.
This proved to be a great decision long term with continued new player acquisition and retention
and better overall server performance, however, the cost of the server became too much for Dragon
to bear alone, so we launched Patreon at the end of May to help pay for the server.

We are proud to say that in 5 months, we went from a server of 10 people to a server of over 200 individuals.
A private server that was individually financed, to a high-end server that is financially self-sufficient.