Dragon Realm is in no way affiliated or endorsed with Mojang, AB.
Dragon Realm is a non-profit organization


Patrons are the individuals who have decided to financially support the server monthly, in exchange, these patrons get a variety of perks and bonuses as a thank you. Since Patrons help finance the server, we believe that they should decide the direction that we, as a community, should go. This includes deciding if/when to add servers (and what kinds of servers), and when server resets should happen.
If you would like to become a patron yourself, or would like a more detailed look at all the rewards and benefits you recieve for becoming a patron, please check out Our Patreon page

Direct Donations

If you are interested in supporting the server directly without pledging through Patreon, you can go to paypal.me/DragonRealm and donate directly to the server owner - Brayden (Dragon). If you would like to recieve the associated perks, you will need to message an Admin and wait for a confirmation of your payment.