General Information

This page contains questions that we commonly answered throughout our servers being open.

What is the server IP?

Our main server will always be reachable under "".

Any other IP can be found at the servers page.

How do I become a staff member

Staff applications are not open all the time, join our discord server to get notified when we open up applications for the staff team. Please note, applying will not guarantee that you are going to become a staff member.

I've lost my items / my base was destroyed

If you've lost an item or your base was destroyed contact our staff team via discord, tagging the support role in our support channel. Our staff team will then investigate and eventually compensate you if something was taken unrightfully.

How do I claim chunks ?

Team button

In order to claim chunks and protect the area from other users you will have to first create a team (or join your friend's team if you plan on teaming up).

Chunk claim map

After you are done creating a team or joining an already existing team, click the map icon in your inventory and left click the chunks to claim them.

Are you using an economic system? How do I use it?

Yes, we are using an economic system.

We are using the Good ol' Currency mod in combination with a mod developed by one of our staff members to allow a better interaction between

So... How do I use that economic system?

Upon joining our server you are given $50 directly into your bank account. Every 10 minutes you will automatically get another $5 for staying around, whether you want the money as an item or added to your bankaccount is entirely up to you.

You can send money to other players either by giving them the bills and coins or by sending them the cash from your bankaccount to theirs using /pay <playername> <amount>.

To check your bank account's balance use /bal(ance).

If you want to use vending machines ingame, you will need some coins or bills, you can get those using /withdraw <amount> (or /wd <amount>).

Did you create your own shop using a vending machine and all the bills and coins are over-whelming you, just deposit them at your bankaccount using /deposit (or /dep).

How do I get started?

One of our users wrote a guide explaining just that for Foolcraft, go check it out here.

A complete guide on how to finish the pack for the most parts can be found here.

Banned Modifications

To ensure server stability and to prevent bypasses we had to disable some of the default modifications