Our rules

While we would love not needing any rules, it is nearly impossible for a community to work without, which is why we've added this rather simple set of rules.

§1 General Behavior

§1.1 Be respectful towards each user.

§1.2 Avoid spamming the text channels.

§1.3 Advertising other servers is strictly prohibiten.

§1.4 Keep swearing and impolite behavior to an absolute minimum.

§1.5 Do not bring alternative accounts to our servers without explicit permission.

§1.6 Apply common sense where it's needed

§2 Discord

§2.1 Refrain from mentioning staff unless their attention is required urgently.

§2.2 Do not repeatedly ping users or staff members.

§2.3 Use the appropiate channel(s) for your conversations.

§3 Game Servers

§3.1 Modifying the modpack files to gain an unfair advantage over other users is not allowed

§3.2 Destroying other people's property is not allowed