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I am the owner of the server since April of 2017. I am not able to be as active as I would like due to real life, but have always enjoyed minecraft and playing with friends. If you see me online, make sure to say hi - I try to be friendly and approachable.


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My name is zwamdurkel or zwam for short. I am from the Netherlands and am currently still in school. I started playing Minecraft in the 1.5 days and I quickly fell in love with modded Minecraft. I have been part of this community since the early days after Aser invited me. I became a staff member by helping Dragon with troubleshooting and assisting with the technical side of running a server. Gradually I started doing more and more managing of the server and for a while, I even paid for the server out of my own pocket. However, doing a lot of work and investing in this community was never an issue because I love to manage these servers and provide a multiplayer experience for my fellow crafters.
Currently I mostly work behind the scenes maintaining the control panel for the other staff members to use, upgrading servers and fixing technical issues. But If there is ever an issue, even a small one, I do not hesitate to help, so feel free to ping me (I will not get mad, unlike some others :P). The server just keeps getting better and better and I hope to stay here for a long time to come.

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I chose the name Nerdlfe to reflect my IRL status as a Nerd - I have a love for everything science which is why I majored in biochemistry in college and added on a biology minor for fun. I am from the USA and am a graduate of VCU. While I love the server and being as helpful as possible, I have a very busy real life schedule, typically working 6 days a week during the day and playing volleyball 2-4x per week for 2+ hours at night. However, I am normally available through discord for questions, comments, or concerns. I typically focus on the staffing side of the server, designating projects to be completed, hiring/firing moderators/admins, and working on behind the scenes projects to make the server run efficiently. I also help create and establish administrative policy, develop rules for the server/discord, manage the discord, and occasionally find time to play on the server.

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Having originally joined the Dragonrealm team in May of 2018, I still consider myself a newer addition to this amazing team! I am from western Canada, am a full-grown adult (with kids and everything!) and I dedicate much of my free time to administering the DRMC FoolCraft 3 server. I also sometimes allow my 5-year-old son, MiniCh33z, to play on the server. He is like the ultimate grief tester! I started out originally as a player and, with much time and effort spent, have proven myself to be a highly effective and somewhat knowledgeable member of the staff team. I find many of us do this not out of obligation or want of authority, but because we genuinely enjoy helping others have a good time playing Minecraft, and that is part of what makes ours some of the best servers there are! You can usually find me at least paying attention to the chats and pings while I spend my active online time actually playing around on the FoolCraft server, trying to recover TPS from the Dragon! I am usually only a message away so if there is anything I can do to help you out (and I haven’t already told you 6 times >:-P) feel free to ping me in a chat or DM me if you feel the need! Be sure to follow my Twitch Channel where I sometimes give behind-the-scenes looks at what admins do and how! Catch me here! Happy Crafting!

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Schildos joined the Dragonrealm staff team just recently, around September 2018, and pretty much immediately began his work by re-doing the website and assisting Ch33z with the work Foolcraft needed. Nowadays Schildos takes care of the server side handling of The Ancient Cake. While not working on the website or the servers' configuration files he enjoy playing a bit himself and helping out Users that need help.

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Pink has been playing Minecraft with her kids for years. She decided in 2018 to start streaming, and loved it! She found Dragonrealm servers when looking for a friendly place to play FC3 and decided to stay! She streams minecraft with her kids and other games as well when she has time. She's a Bartender, former Vet tech, mom and wife who is forever tired. You can find her on Twitch if she's streaming.


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Declined to provide a bio. May be added in the future

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Declined to provide a bio. May be added in the future

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Declined to provide a bio. May be added in the future

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Declined to provide a bio. May be added in the future